Laser Hair Loss

What is PRP hair loss?

PRP means platelet rich plasma. Platelets are a major part of blood. Platelets are responsible for clumping and clotting to stop bleeding. PRP has the ability to stimulate hair growth. PRP contains a higher concentration of platelets than normal concentration of platelets in the blood. It means PRP has more growth factors which can stimulate hair follicle cells to grow. PRP can treat implanted or inactive hair follicles. PRP is developed by using patient’s own blood. PRP treatment is becoming very popular for hair loss.. The PRP is injected directly into the scalp and it starts stimulating hair growth. What separates our treatment is that we combine PRP injections with laser therapy which enhances the effects of the PRP. Many people get marvelous results by PRP/laser hair loss treatments as they not only strengthen existing hair, but stimulate new growth and prevent future hair loss.

Who is not the right candidate for PRP hair loss treatment?

Every person is not suitable for PRP hair loss. People having a history of excessive alcohol or drug use, smoking should not go for PRP hair treatment. It can cause major side effects. People may not qualify for PRP hair loss treatment if they have diagnosed with any issues like complete hair loss, cancer, hypofibrinogenemia, sepsis, metabolic or systemic disorders, chronic liver or skin disease, hemodynamic instability, platelet dysfunction syndromes, thrombocytopenia, chronic and acute infections, chemotherapy, anticoagulation therapy etc.

What are the benefits of PRP hair loss?

  • Comfortable and safe
  • Non surgical
  • Quick recovery period
  • Extremely natural looking results
  • Hair restoration

Is there any side effect of PRP treatment?

PRP treatment involves person’s own blood so there is no chance of reaction or rejection. Studies show positive effects without any major adverse effects. A person may experience, pinpoint bleeding, redness at the injection place, minimal pain, mild headache. These symptoms remain for 2-3 days.

Is Prp Hair Loss Treament A Painful Procedure?

The procedure involves multiple needle pricks. It seems quite scary and uncomfortable but treatment starts with the use of numbing cream to reduce the discomfort. Most patients’ state that the procedure is comfortable there may be tenderness, slight swelling and mild bruising in treated area.

*Results May Vary from Individual to Individual